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Caffeine Tights
The domain name is for sale for 495

Caffeine Tights are tights containing caffeine that, when worn on a daily basis result in a reduction in thigh circumference (1cm in 6 days) and an improvement in the look and feel of cellulite (as demonstrated on ITVs This Morning). is the ideal domain name for any online shop selling these slimming tights.

This descriptive domain name sums up this specialised business niche perfectly, lets customers know exactly what you do and is great for use in any form of marketing because it is instantly memorable.

Why buy a domain name like
A domain name can bring a great deal to the table in terms of benefiting your business.

A domain name should be:

Memorable – A good domain name will always be easy to remember. If it isn’t, customers might struggle to find you again and may end up at a competitor’s site instead.

Unique – I know, all domain names are unique by definition, but some are definitely more unique than others.

Descriptive – Domain names that tell you everything you need to know about the website behind it are right up there. A good generic domain will instantly identify you with the products and services you provide.

Trustworthy – trust and confidence are all important for online success and any domain name must convey both.

Radio Test - Would your domain name pass the radio test? If a customer heard it mentioned on the radio, would it be easily and correctly recalled later that day? And don’t ignore the radio test on the grounds that you never intend to advertise on radio. For radio test read word of mouth.

Domain Extension – Stick to what your average man in the street understands. For most people in the UK that means .com. and ticks a lot of boxes!
How much is

There is no correct price to pay for a domain name on the aftermarket – only a price that is agreed between buyer and seller.

As with other one-off goods, like works of art and unique homes, it is ultimately the buyer who will determine the value of a domain name.

If you are looking for a domain name for a hobby site or a personal blog, you are unlikely to want to pay as much for a domain name as an entrepreneur or company which wants to place that same domain name at the heart of its marketing activities.

The domain name,, is for sale for £295.
Who is selling

Internet entrepreneur, George Marshall, is selling

Get Out While You Can BookGeorge is a Nominet Registrar and will ensure a fast and easy transfer of ownership to the new owner via Nominet's online transfer system.

George is also the author of the book, Get Out While You Can, a book about escaping the rat race by making money online. A must read for anyone involved in online business, it includes a chapter devoted to domain names. The book is available to buy now from Amazon.

You can find out more about George at his Entrepreneur blog.

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